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NuGet: CommonServiceLocation package

The service location assembly is required for the dependency injection mechanism. This assembly integrates any suitable dependency injection container with Enterprise Library by providing an abstraction layer for dependency injection. It is contained in the assembly Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation.dll

You can download Enterprise Library installation file, then use 7z to extract it to obtain the dll file.

Or, you can go to the DOWNLOADS tab to download the Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation.dll file from this Codeplex project.

Other assemblies referenced by Enterprise Library 6 are also available for you to download in the SOURCE CODE tab.

This dll is likely to be in the GAC on developer machines as part of some windows application installation (my best guesses are Visual Studio or SSMS).
That’s why we are likely to get warnings or errors on the build machine which we try our best to keep the GAC as clean as the production server’s.

To address these warnings and errors, you simply need to run a NuGet command to install the CommonServiceLocation package. The package contains only this one dll file. Microsoft has released only 1 version ( of this file since 2008. The file is fully compatible with all .NET versions and all Unity versions.

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